About the Workshop?​

Front-line managers form the backbone of many companies. These people are called Supervisors or Team Leaders who help to keep the business running smoothly and a daily basis They supervise other contributors, yet they’re usually the least experienced tier of managers in a company, often newly promoted into their first leadership role. Despite their importance, organizations face big challenges when trying to make these managers more effective, according to a survey

20% of first-time managers are doing a poor job, according to their subordinates 26% of first-time managers say they felt they weren’t ready to lead others, and 60% say they never received any training for their new role.

Also, many team members who work in MNC's in India are not sure when they will become a team lead or what they need to do to become a team lead.

This course will provide all the answers you are looking for

Workshop Agenda​

Who should attend?

This course is best suited for employees of MNC's who have work experience of 3+ years and are looking to get elevated to the roles of Supervisors/Team leads and Asst. Managers

3+ Year's of Experience in MNC's

Management Trainees from B Schools

Sr. Analyst/Senior Team Members/Associates

Experienced MBA's

Why you should attend? ​

By attending this "Workshop" you will learn how to meet the requirements set by the superiors, how to play the role effectively and how to manage your work with personal life.

In-depth Understanding

Content of our workshop is very detailed and in-depth. This would cover all the aspects and attributes of a Team Lead

Live the Role

Our workshop session is "Experiential" which means you will be doing the activities. You will be living the role and simultaneously learning which will lead to greater understanding

Become an Effective Leader

There are multiple people who become Team Lead and fail within few months. Attending our session will make you an effective leader from "Day One"

Clarity of thoughts

Our sessions are delivered by Experts, you will have multiple questions...this would be right time to put across and get the "Right & Apt" answer instead of the usual one which you are not convinced of

Comparative Analysis