Approach & Methods

70 : 20 : 10 Model

The 70-20-10 rule emerged from 30 years of research, which explores how executives learn, grow, and change

The 3 E's

70:20:10 + 3 E’s = Sustainable Learning

Experience + Exposure + Education


Experiential learning, in which skills are learnt on the job. Challenging assignments for continuous development & appropriate platform where learning and development can be recorded and assessed.

Holistic Learning

Social learning, where skills are attained through interaction and collaboration with others. It is, growing together by observing, asking questions and getting answers from your colleagues, friends, teachers etc.

Practical Training

Formal learning, including official training and courses which require the participation of individuals. Training based on real life examples acts as an amplifier, boosting what we’ve learned through experience and social interaction

Coach & Mentor

Our trainers delivers the session as an experienced coach and builds the skills to the full potential.  They are mentors who are great observes and shares constructive feedback for holistic learning

29 Eleven's Operating Model

Program Designing

Market Assessment

Our experienced coach/facilitator's are active in the market and perform a very detailed research to analyse the market requirements. This deep analysis and insight of market helps to design a program that is best suited to the learners.

Client Requirement

We start the partnership by listening. We take the time to understand your needs and identify the right program that suits you

Design & Development

We ensure that every course we develop for you, our focus is on the sustainability of learning through our content, activities and engagement strategies throughout the duration of each program. We tailor the existing content as per the specifications, this enabls greater alignment and content absorption with participants.


Our experienced facilitators guide the participants through an experiential journey engaging with the material through multitudes of exercises, and guided practice to ensure there is a connection with the skills and behaviours learned. Deep insights shared, that will remain in learners mind even after the programs have completed.

How it benefits me?

Holistic Learning

Our programs are designed to impact the thought process of our learners. An indepth knowledge is shared which will have lasting impact

Time Factor

The content is prepared based on real time business experiences and a deep analysis of market. The exposure received will save your precious time

Value for Money

Our programs are priced decently and the content delivered is of high quality. Investing in our programs generates Alpha!

Personal Branding

Conducting these programs in your institution and attedning them receives praise in the market; this often attracts & creates goodwill